My Upcoming MRV

I am working with an imaging center here in Utah to get tested for CCSVI. I gave them Dr. Haacke's protocol and they are working on getting it approved and set up. It should be ready by late next week. I am excited and impatient, but very happy that they are doing the correct protocol and obtaining the needed software. I want it done right or else it is just a waste of my money, which is in short supply right now.

It seems the type of doctor best suited for the job is an Interventional Radiologist. To find one to talk to near you, visit this website : http://www.sirweb.org/

I really hope that the process of bringing CCSVI to light and getting treatment accessible will happen rapidly. My big question is why haven't we seen anything on the new inthe States about this? I guess I need to use my connections and do it myself! =)

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