Dr. Dake's Clinical Trials

Way back in November I sent all of my records and information to Dr. Dake, but I never heard back from him. I thought maybe they had decided to not have me as part of the trials or the procedures he was doing at that time.
Today I decided to email them again and his assistant quickly responded. She told me they didn't have my email address on file. Now they do and I have been on the list since November! Here is what the rest of the email said...

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding our work on blockages of the veins of the head and neck associated with multiple sclerosis. I wish I could talk with you personally to explain our ongoing work, but in order to provide a reply to all, I must respond by email. After careful review at Stanford, we have determined that the initiation of a clinical development program leading to a possible clinical trial will be the next step as we examine the possible risks and benefits of balloon angioplasty with or without venous stenting for patients with multiple sclerosis. This evaluation will start shortly but it is unlikely that, even given a highly positive outcome, we would be initiating any clinical trial before the second half of 2010 at the earliest. In light of these next steps, I am not currently performing the procedure at Stanford.

Please be assured that we will keep your contact information on file and provide appropriate updates of our work on this important issue.

I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you in the future.



This gives me so much hope! If all goes as planned, I will hopefully be treated after September when the baby is born, late this year or early next year, maybe.

I know there are a lot of maybes and ifs in this, but I am still so excited. This might really happen.

I am a huge fan of breastfeeding, but I am willing to stop early if it means I can get my jugulars fixed! Woohoo! What an exciting year I have ahead of me! =)

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