Detour in my Quest...

Last week the imaging center, that sounded so excited about testing me at first, decided that they were not interested in testing me for CCSVI. They said they are not a research facility and that the research I gave them was old. It was Dr. Zamboni's original research, does research get outdated after 5 years? Anyway, that news was hard to take because I had waited for two months for them.

Still I had an inward battle between getting tested and having another baby. But little did I know the decision was already made. I found out on Tuesday that I am pregnant. I wouldn't have been able to be tested anyway. My husband and I are both very happy. We are hoping that more paths will be opened in the next year or so and it will hopefully be less of a battle to correct my vascular problems by then.

I "blame" (but not really) the pregnancy on Inclined Bed Therapy. It regulated my menstrual cycle and I have been feeling great. I have never gotten pregnant so easily. I hope my sister B will follow quickly. She just inclined her bed and she has been trying to get pregnant for almost two years. It will be so awesome if it works for her.

So now I get to see what being pregnant while having MS is all about. I honestly don't think it will be too much different than my other pregnancies. I feel I have had these vein inefficiencies all my life and the fatigue I felt with my 2 year old son will probably be about the same, maybe I have a little more "brain damage". Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about, only time will tell and it is so different from person to person.

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