CTV story on CCSVI

This Canadian Documentary is really well done and explains CCSVI wonderfully.

I am so excited about this CCSVI prospect. I have an appointment set up with a vascular surgeon tomorrow. The protocol for the ultrasound and MRI are a little different than the standard, some technicians who have not been trained in it are not finding the stenosises (sp?). So bringing in these protocols is very important. We do not want everyo9ne to rush in and get tested by an untrained radiologist and find nothing when there is something there. This would make the theory seem wrong, even though Dr. Zamboni and Dr. Dake have found it in 100% of MS patients.
You can find the protocols here:
The ultrasound protocol is here: http://csvi-ms.net/en/content/how-perform-doppler-examination-multiple-sclerosis-patient-dr-simka
And the MRI protocol is here: http://www.ms-mri.com/protocol.php and more detailed here: http://www.ms-mri.com/docs.php

I dream about this and think about it all day. I feel like I can live a normal life if these veins are corrected. The only disease progression Dr. Zamboni's patients had was when the vein reclosed. That is why Dr. Dake uses stents, they keep the veins permanently open, whereas the ballooning can be temporary.

I can't wait until tomorrow. I am prepared to stage a sit down in the doctor's office if he says he can't help me. I will not give up. I am confident that I have a stenosis or two and that it can be corrected and that it will stop the progression of MS.

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