Some Good News

I got a phone call today from Dr. Dake's office. They are currently going through the list of patients to start testing them for CCSVI, but they have not started the clinical trial of angioplasty yet. I explained the I am currently 25.5 weeks pregnant, but expressed my great desire to remain on the list. She said that I am in a really good place on the list and it will be perfect timing to be part of the trial after the baby is born.

I am so excited and relieved to hear from them. Now I know that trials are still in their plans and that I am in their plans! I have been worried about whether or not I should sign up somewhere else just in case things do not work out with Dr. Dake's trials. Now I can relax and enjoy being pregnant and look forward to the baby and the trial.

I have so much hope in CCSVI, I cannot wait to be tested and for my veins to be corrected. Yippee!


  1. well to tell you the truth I feel like you being on the list is like me being on the list. You be the guinea pig and I'll benift from your results :) I should pursue this more like you have...I think I am still in denial. I do feel a lot better when I eat alkalined- but I am so so so curious about CCSVI. Please keep updating...and good luck with the pregnancy. You are right behind me. I can't wait to get this baby out of me- I do not like being pregnant- it is playing a number on me.

  2. Ooh, that's exciting! Good things coming!